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Message to the Community:
The Cook County School District 104 School Board values community input. Time is set aside during each regular board meeting to allow for public comment. The School Board invites you to attend their meetings to learn more about our district and provide feedback. Community members may also email the Board of Education at any time using the following link: Email school board

2018-19 Board Meetings
May 8, 2018 Heritage/Graves 
June 12, 2018 Heritage/Graves 
July 10, 2018 Heritage/Graves
August 14, 2018 Heritage/Graves
September 18, 2018 Heritage/Graves
October 9, 2018 Walsh School
November 13, 2018 Heritage/Graves
December 11, 2018 Walker School 
January 15, 2019  Heritage/Graves
February 12, 2019 Heritage/Graves
March 12, 2019 Wharton School
April 9, 2019 Heritage/Graves

About Us
Cook County School District 104 can trace its roots back to 1864, the year in which the District opened its first school. The District has a rich history of academic excellence serving the communities of Summit, Bedford Park, and a portion of Bridgeview. There are five schools in the District including a Pre-kindergarten program, three Kindergarten through 4th Grade Schools, a 5th Grade Center, and a Middle School. Current enrollment is just under 1,800 students served by a District staff of just under 250 employees across its five buildings.
To promote and instill the love or learning.

The Cook County School District 104 seeks to create a culture of collaboration and caring among all stakeholders to empower and inspire students to achieve their dreams and maximize their full potential.