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Cook County School District 104 can trace its roots back to 1864, the year in which the District opened its first school. The District has a rich history of academic excellence serving the communities of Summit, Bedford Park, and a portion of Bridgeview. There are five schools in the District including a Pre-kindergarten program, three Kindergarten through 4th Grade Schools, a 5th Grade Center, and a Middle School. Current enrollment is just under 1,800 students served by a District staff of just under 250 employees across its five buildings.
2018-19 Board Meetings
May 8, 2018 Heritage/Graves 
June 12, 2018 Heritage/Graves 
July 10, 2018 Heritage/Graves
August 14, 2018 Heritage/Graves
September 18, 2018 Heritage/Graves
October 9, 2018 Walsh School
November 13, 2018 Heritage/Graves
December 11, 2018 Walker School 
January 15, 2019  Heritage/Graves
February 19, 2019 Heritage/Graves
March 12, 2019 Wharton School
April 9, 2019 Heritage/Graves
To promote and instill the love of learning.

The Cook County School District 104 seeks to create a culture of collaboration and caring among all stakeholders to empower and inspire students to achieve their dreams and maximize their full potential.